Thursday, August 25, 2005

Window to the soul

It is my belief that a person’s passion, i.e. the works of art, literature, music etc. that he or she prizes above all else, is as close as we will ever get to a window to someone’s soul. That is, by analysing what a person likes the best we can obtain an understanding of that person.

So as an experiment in personal psychology I have taken a look at my favourite film, book, music etc

Favourite Film:
Quite simply the nearest to perfection you will ever find in a film. Hitchcocks masterpiece with a plot that twists and turns and characters with whom you can sympathise and pity. I very much doubt that any film will topple this from the top of my favourite films.

This is a film quite simply about obsession. When I was younger (a teenager) I used to be rather obsessive in nature, although that is not so much the case now, this film still reflects a younger picture of me. Also I have found that I have found different themes and meanings in the movie as I transgress through different stages of my life.

Favourite Book:
The Day of the Triffids
I love all of John Wyndham’s books and admire his particular style of science fiction. This book stands out against all others – I just wish that they would make a decent film version (if I had the money I’d finance it myself).

The book tells the story of a society which has been blinded by a freak astrological event and is being picked off and overrun by an unusual species of plant. In reality the book is to a degree about isolation and at times I can be rather introverted and certainly do not like to socialise. Also, when I was younger I used to fantasise about being the last man left on earth – I guess this is why I also like The Stand and I am Legend!

Favourite Piece of Music:
Layla (Piano exit) by Derek and the Dominos
This is specifically the instrumental piece which I recognise most as being used in the film Goodfellas. I have always found this music to be both uplifting, reflective and yet somehow bittersweet. If I’m ever feeling a little low, this tune is always guaranteed to lift me up a little.

Favourite Game:
The Legend of Zelda : The Ocarina of Time
Well it had to be a Nintendo game and this is Nintendo’s greatest game by far.

It less easy to find meaning in a console game, I can appreciate it by its merits, but I really don’t know if it says a lot about who I am. Unless of course you take into consideration the fact that it is an epic story driven game, which requires patience, thought and skill.

Maybe it’s best that I never decided to become a psychiatrist!

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