Thursday, August 11, 2005


Well I finally saw the initial two-part episodes of Lost the other day. This is the new series by Alias creator J J Abrams, which I have been looking forward to for some time now. It has been receiving rave reviews in the US and the concept of a group of airplane crash survivors stranded on a desert island with something “strange” in the forest just sounded too good to miss. My initial impression of the show is very positive. There seems to be a good mix of characters, many of which are hiding secrets. I’m also glad that nothing is being revealed too quickly and what is being revealed only leads to more questions. I just hope that the tension and mystery can be maintained throughout the series.

Also, one other Haiku poem that I’ve recently written:

Elliot laughing
Enjoying the summer days
Love is happiness.

Game(s) I’m playing:
Harvest Moon
Well I seem to have patched things up with Muffy. She even came around to my farm late in the evening and asked if she could stay the night, as she thought that someone was stalking her (yeah – right). Unfortunately our time was rudely interrupted by several town folk looking for Muffy as she had gone missing from the bar. I’ve since proposed to Muffy and she accepted. At this time we have not set a date for the marriage.

Tales of Symphonia
I brought this game not long ago as it has felt like a very long time since I player a good RPG on my consoles. I found Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 to be a bit of a disappointment when compared to the PS1 incarnations in this series. Tales of Symphonia seemed to get good reviews when it was first releases, so I thought I’d give it a go.

So far I love the visual style of the game and it does show a fair amount of promise. I’m not so certain that I like the fact that this is an action RPG as oppose to a strategic RPG, but I shall give it some time to see if can get to grips with the combat.

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