Friday, May 21, 2010

E3 predictions 2010

It’s less than 1 month until E3 2010 (which commences June 15) and as such, I thought I’d post my yearly predictions (as I tend to most years).



I confess that I know very little when it comes to Microsoft, not owning one of their consoles, as such, much of the following is just a wild stab in the dark:

* Footage will be shown of Mass Effect 3, Halo Reach and Fable 3.
* The main push by Microsoft will be Natal, which I predict will likely keep the development name of Natal rather than be renamed.
* No new console will be announced, but some sort operation system revamp will be announced.
* Microsoft will score exclusive DLC for a big new release (something along the lines of the GTA4 DLC).
* FFXIII Versus announcement (namely that it will be ported to the 360 as well as PS3)


Sony has I believe shown their hand a little too early this year. They have already shown a great deal of the Playstation Move, Little Big Planet 2 has already been announce and many of their big name games have already been announced, however, I predict that the following will also be announced come E3.

* Infamous 2 announcement.
* Grand Turismo 5 release date (and further details relating to this game).
* Playstation Move release date, price and also release games.
* The PSP2 will be announced and will feature a touch screen, camera, and gyros.
* Warhawk 2 (Spacehawk) will be announced.
* Killzone 3 announcement.
* PSN premium services are announced (something akin to gold Xbox membership)
* An update to the Firmware is announced including cross game chat.
* Resistance 3 announcement.
* An Ico collection is announced (similar to the God of War collection), being HD versions of both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus for the PS3 (This really, really has to happen).
* The Last Guardian is playable and is utterly fantastic…


Nintendo have had a relatively quiet, or odd past few E3’s. I get the feeling that this year might be when they really have something to show to get the masses exited again.

* The talk of the show will be the 3DS. I personally have some doubts how Nintendo are going to pull this off, but I have a sneaky suspicion that they may have something special in store.
* Talking about the 3DS, it will likely have some other feature, or features which have not been announced yet.
* An update to the Wii firmware is announced, hopefully allowing something along the lines with a PSN username which purchases are tied to rather than the machine. If this could also be done to the DSi, this would be great.
* The new Zelda Wii game will be shown and blow everyone’s socks off. It will also be remarkably different to the more recent Zelda offerings.
* It probably won’t happen, but I feel I must add Wii HD to the mix.
* Pikmin 3 will be shown.
* A new F-zero game, Star Fox or Pilot Wings game is announced – possibly as launch games for the 3DS.
* Nintendo will announce and show a game which 99% of people will think is utterly bonkers (I’m predicting a meditation game using the vitality sensor).


* A new Burnout game is announced. Hopefully more in line with the excellent Burnout 3 than Burnout Paradise, which I never really gelled with.
* Batman 2 will be given a proper title and will likely look fantastic.
* Metal Gear: Rising will be shown.