Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bargain games

Firstly, on a non-gaming topic (as this entry is mainly about games), I’m pleased that I have managed to write a few more pages of my latest story “Cry of Xenotaph” the other day and I will be trying to fit in a little more writing over the next few weeks. Also, I have had a few very good idea’s for my next project called “The Marilyn Project”. This is a story idea which has been floating my head for several years now, but I had not formulated a fitting ending for the story. The other day, out of the blue, and ending to this story suddenly occurred to me. Sometime I find that rather than force a story, this will come naturally to me of the course of time, even if it does (in this case) take several years.

A local Computer Store (Southside computers) will be closing its doors soon, so I popped in for the clearance sale to see what was available yesterday. It’s a shame I wasn’t shopping for a new PC or a laptop, as there were a few bargains around (not that I have the money for such expenses items), instead a treated myself to 3 games, for less than £10 per game! These were as follows, together with my initial impressions of each:

Games playing:

Half Life 2 (collector’s edition)
I was a big fan of Half Life, years ago but was reluctant to pick up this game for fear that our PC would not handle such a new game. I (stupidly) picked up a second hand copy in a car boot a couple of months ago for a couple of pounds, not realising that each copy needs to be registered online with a specific code, as such I was unable to play the copy I’d picked up cheap. But less than £10 for the collectors copy seemed worth paying to see how it ran on our PC. I’m happy to say that after a lengthy installation and update of my PC, it doesn’t run too badly at all – not as smoothly as a console game, but still good enough to be perfectly playable.

So far, I’m hooked. It plays very much like its predecessor, which is no bad thing at all. The immersion in the game world is fantastic, I just hope that the rest of the game lives up to the initial stages…

The Legend of Zelda : The Minish Cap
A Zelda game that I didn’t already own!

I know, surprising. This is a GBA game and plays very similar to my second favourite game of all time, The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past on the SNES. So far this is looking very promising and since The Twiglight Princess won’t be coming out now until next year, this will just have fulfil my Zelda craving.

Killer 7
This is a game that I have considered buying on many occasion, but I simply could not resist at this price. I have only taken the briefest look at this game, but I can say that visually it really is stunning and boy is it weird (hence I should like it). Looking forward to having a proper go at this some time in the future. I’ll reserve this until I’ve (hopefully) finished Half Life 2.

Well, this will certainly sort out my gaming needs for the next few months, especially when you consider that I’m also still playing Harvest Moon. Now if I could only find more gaming time…

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