Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lack of posts


Haven't posted for a while... Been a bit busy and will also (fingers crossed) shortly be on holiday.

Anyway, will get back to my blog idc.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus

Wow... How did they get the money to make this film? It certainly has my vote for one of the coolest titles of all time, beating both Snakes on a Train, Zombie Strippers and Lesbian Vampire Killers!

Anyway here is the trailer below.

Possible contender for a "so bad, it's actually good" film of the year?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

London visit and films

The primary reason for my latest trip to London over this last long weekend was to attend Roz’s OU graduation ceremony. Along with Roz and I were also Roz’s parents and Elliot. It has to be said that Roz looked quite fetching in her robes and I also felt very proud for her when she when she went up on stage. She put an awful lot of time and effort into her degree and deserves all the recognition that she gets. As such, Elliot and I were both happy to stand up and clap and cheer when her name was called out.

Whilst in London I also managed to catch a couple of films, one of which was at the IMAX again, which is fast becoming my cinema of choice whenever possible.

Films watched:
The Day the Earth Stood Still

In interesting reinterpretation of the classic, which sadly, while glitzy, fails on numerous levels.


The Strangers

Exceptionally well shot and had scares and jumps a plenty, it’s a shame that it was pretty limited in scope.



Starts well, but ends badly. Wolverine is great, but they could have done so much more with the character.


Monsters vs. Aliens 3D

An undeniably fun family film, with laughs and action a plenty. Just lacking that extra touch to make it great.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

E3 2009 predictions

Well E3 is coming up (in just under a month) and unlike previous years I will be unable to watch the conferences live as I will be on holiday in Canada. Anyway, here are my predictions:


(Note: I do not tend to keep an ear out on Microsoft news, as I have less active interest in this, as such, my predictions may end up being waaaaaay off base).

* A new controller and sensor bar combination will be announced and will function in a very similar way to the Wiimote

* A slew of family friendly, active games will be detailed in an attempt to gain a hold on the “casual” gamer crowd that the Wii has largely monopolised.

* A new budget bundle will be announced including the above.

* Some exclusive DLC will be announced for a multiplatform release (something like Final Fantasy XIII)

* Metal Gear Solid 4 will be announced for the 360, with exclusive additional content (but will come on multiple disks)

* Gears of War 3 will be announced.

* A price cut is announced for gold Xbox Live membership

* Microsoft will proudly claim that they are winning (or will win) the current console war, provide the figures to prove this and whilst doing so announce their plans for world domination.


* Actual REAL footage of MAG is shown

* DLC for Killzone 2 is announced include vehicles in multiplayer (tanks and mechs)

* Starhawk is officially announced (space set sequel to PS3 Warhawk)

* A release date is given for God of War 3 (Q4 2009 – as it would be suicide otherwise)

* Much more footage of Heavy Rain is shown

* NO news of the much rumoured PSP2 (I think this will likely be revealed next year)

* A price cut is announced (hopefully by at least $100 and hopefully this will also be applied to Europe at the same time)

* New firmware is announced and launched (hopefully including software based PS2 emulation and MKV support – fingers crossed)

* Downloadable PS2 games are announced for the PSN, as well as a greater collection of PS1 games.

* A Final Fantasy VII remake is announced (highly unlikely I know – but I like to dream)

* Trico is shown by team ICO (and given a proper title), jaws hit floor, people weep, world peace is announced.

* Sony will proudly claim that they are winning (or will win) the current console war, provide the figures to prove this and whilst doing so announce their plans for world domination.


* Wii Fit 2 is announced

* A slew of Dsiware is announced both first party and third party – many of which are applications rather than games

* A new Kid Icarus game is announced

* Pikmin 3 is shown for the first time

* 1080 snowboarding, incorporating the Wii balance board is announced.

* A new online multiplayer FPS Metroid game is announced, similar to Metroid Prime Hunters, but for the Wii, and not from Retro Studios.

* A new FPS IP is announced from Retro Studios.

* No new Wii (main series) Mario and Zelda games are announced

* A new IP from Miyamato is shown, likely incorporating Wii motionplus.

* Nintendogs 2 (or Nintendcats / Nintendpets) for either Wii or DS (or both) is shown

* Pilotwings for the Wii is announced.

* DSi specific (i.e. games solely for the DSi are shown)

* An updated Wii console is announced (i.e. not a new console, but something along the lines of the DS lite / DSi updates). Possibly a Wii HD that will run existing Wii games in HD

* The virtual console shop is announced for the DSi, including predominantly Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games.

* Nintendo will proudly claim that they are winning (or will win) the current console war, provide the figures to prove this and whilst doing so announce their plans for world domination (and also quite likely total and utter domination of the universe).