Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Isle and asian cinema

Films watched:
The Isle
Okay, ever since watching the Japanese version of The Ring (Ringu) several years ago, I have been very interested in Asian Cinema. The best films that I have seen so far have been: The Ring (of course), Oldboy, Dark Water, Battle Royale and The Eye.

Now I was interested in seeing The Isle after reading a few reviews. I know that the UK release was cut slightly due to animal cruelty (to fish in the film), but the rest of the film is intact. This without a doubt one of the most gut wrenching films that I have seen. It is certainly not a film I would recommend to those with a weak stomach for blood and disturbing imagery. It had me cringing at several scenes and trust me, I’ve seen my fair share of blood and guts in the movies.

Anyway, the film itself, while interesting, was by no means outstanding. It was an interesting study of the two main characters, but there was really little to no plot, and also little to no dialogue. If I were to compare it to another film, it would probably be David Cronenbergs Crash, as this is another film which deals with sexual deviants who are strong and somewhat unusual characters. If there is one thing that this film has taught me, it’s that fishing hooks (when inserted in the most bizarre places) can cause all sorts of unwanted damage.

Overall, I’m glad that I watched it, but it would not be a film that I would choose to watch again.


Games playing:
Harvest Moon
Yep, still playing away on this.

Bessy my first cow, just gave birth to a calf called Barbara. I have also just found out how to make astonishing amount of money. The secret, selling the seeds for fruit trees.

Oh, I have also been given a new pet. A small kitten which I have called “Skimble”

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