Friday, August 12, 2005

Abstract poem and The Island

Some months ago, out of the blue, I thought I’d write an experimental poem. Rather than sitting down and trying to think of a theme or subject for a poem before putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys in my case), I would just write down the first images and words that came into my head structured into a simple poem.

I found the end result really rather surprising. First of all, because the poem came together so quickly, without the need to make many changes after my initial brain storm. Also because it has become probably one of my favourite (of my own) poems.

This is shown below:

A Dance of Joy, a Dance of Hate

A dance of joy, a dance of hate,
Mix it up with bile and cake.
The eyes swirl, pop and squish,
Death, danger, fear and piss.

Why cry out when all is lost,
When in the end we’re all but dust?
It all boils down to flesh and bone,
Skin and sinew, all alone.

A bit here, a bit there,
Do you think that I really care?
When it all comes to an end,
We all feign lies, we all pretend.

Make no noise, cry out loud
For in you mind there is no sound.
Only hate and hate alone
Can free you from your humble throne.

Tears fall down to the ground
Lost amid the sacred mound.
Curse the world, curse the sky,
Fade to black, time to die.

What does this poem mean; I frankly don’t have a clue. All of this was taken from my subconscious mind. Some of the imagery and tone of the poem seems rather quite dark, even for me. To find any real meaning in it, I think you would need to turn to a psychiatrist…

Films watched:
The Island
First of all, my impression of previous Michael Bay films:
Bad Boys 1&2 – Thankfully have avoided these.
The Rock – An exceptionally entertaining action film, with a believable villain to whom you feel genuine sympathy. 8/10
Armageddon – My only enjoyment in seeing this film was watching Paris be bombarded by small meteorites. Otherwise, terrible, terrible or so terrible. 3/10
Pearl Harbour
– It so wanted to be Titanic but feel flat on its face. Other than Kate Beckinsale, I cannot think of a single redeeming feature in this film. However, saying that, it wasn’t quite as bad as Armageddon. 4/10

So now we come to The Island. Well to me it felt a little too similiar to Logan's Run for my liking, but brought up to date for the new millenium. The performances were okay, but for an action film, the action sequences lacked any degree of tension or dare I say it, fun! Also, what was the point of setting it slightly in the future, it would have been much better setting it in the present day! Overall it wasn't too bad, but then again it wasn't particularily good either. As average a film as I've ever seen. 5/10


Roz said...

You know how much I like this poem.....although maybe a bit different from your usual style :)

Bazlurgan said...

Thanks - although I wasn't aware that I had a "particular style".

Roz said...

Slushy/relationship related :)