Monday, August 08, 2005

My first blog entry...

Okay then, my first blog entry.

I’m the first to admit that I’m a complete novice at this. What do I put at first? Do I introduce myself, give a little bit of my background? I really don’t have a clue! I think I’ll just briefly say that I’m an avid film fan and a gamer and that this blog is intended just to record my thoughts on current films and games that I’m playing as well as a few comments on life in general.

I know a couple of people who write blogs, but have previously never shown any interest in starting one before. I guess that I should also mention that I do some writing in my spare time (my website is marked somewhere on this page). My current pet project, a short story called Cry of Xenotaph (a H P Lovecraft and Mary Shelley inspired mystery) has been a “work in progress” now for far too long and I guess one of the reasons for starting a blog is just to do a little writing of some sort.

Game(s) I’m playing:
Harvest Moon
Okay a Japanese Farming simulation may not sound too exciting to most, but at present it has me hooked.

Personally I’m pretty sick of all the mindless FPS that you tend to see these days and I tend to prefer more alternative gaming. Why shouldn’t growing crops, milking cows and wooing a potential (in game) wife, be more exciting than shooting unconvincing aliens/demons from Planet X?

Film(s) watched:
Fantastic Four
I’m a big fan of the comic, which I have been collecting for years, but I was more than a little concerned by the trailers for the film. Also I’d always imagine that the family carefree mood of the comics would be hard to capture on film.

Overall I thought that the film was very good (but not fantastic), they captured Thing, Human Torch and Mr Fantastic very well, but Invisible Woman and Dr Doom just felt wrong to me. Jessica Alba may be extremely attractive, but she just seems too young and does fit as Sue Storm and Dr Doom just felt like a wasted opportunity for what could have been one of the greatest comic book villains of all time.

I’m please to hear that a sequel has been green lit, as there is definite room for improvement. Please, please please, bring on Galacticus!

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Roz said...

OMG :) Well must admit that I'm a little surprised that you turned to I not enough?

I want lots of life stuff :)

Good for uou anywany and really like what you've done so far. Here's to lots more entries.....just remember I'll be reading ;-)