Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sky, X-Men 3 and Mario&Luigi

Sky came around this morning whilst Roz was in and have fixed a new dish to our house. I have been assured that this is now working - but I'm yet to try it out.

Downloaded the full trailer for X-Men 3 the other day.

This is still looking very promising, despite all the negative press it’s been getting on the internet of late. The vast majority of people out there seem to think that the film is doomed now that Bryan Singer is no longer helming the project.

Give it a chance, I say…


Games played:
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

I decided to make a start on this the other day as it now looks very unlikely that I’ll be getting my DS Lite anytime soon.

So far, I’ve been most impressed. For anyone who has enjoyed the Paper Mario games this is a must buy, it is filled to the brim with charm and humour. In some respects it is almost a simplified version of Paper Mario, as the main attack is just a jump, but as you control 4 separate characters each with their own jump keys, this can still get very challenging.

Definitely one I’d recommend.


Sameranda said...

Just watched the trailer, I'm pleased to see that Beast finally makes an appearance! Yay and all that.

steve said...

Yeah, this trailer was a lot better than the teaser, which felt a little tacky to me, because it had more character. I just hope they don't overdo the effects & action too much, the first 2 were basically a mixture of character stories and social commentary, just with a backdrop of cool superpowers, which is what the best XMen comics were like too. That works much better than 'wall to wall big super battles' IMO, hope that there's enough meat in the rest of it.

Bazlurgan said...

Yay Beast, Yay Angel, Yay Phoenix!

From what I've seen the mutant / human divide is still very much an issue in the third film.