Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pain in the neck, **, PSP vs DS and “sold out”!

The last couple of day I’ve woken up with an awful pain in my neck in shoulders. The sort of feeling you get when you’ve slept in a funny position and find that it hurts to turn your head too much. I had hope that it would feel better after another nights rest, but if anything it feels worse!

I’ll have to keep an eye on this – hope it improves soon.

Two **’s… That’s right, I’ve managed to reach a two star rating on Mario Kart DS, after much hard racing. Now people will quiver at my presence when they see me racing online.

On a related topic, I’ve read that for Metroid Prime: Hunters, your online ranking will show how many times you have disconnected during a game, so you’ll be able to spot the annoying gits who disconnect during races in Mario Kart, just because they’re losing!

I used my PSP today for the first time in months, the reason? Well, to listen to MP3’s at work as Roz was using my ipod… Certainly not to play a game.

This only goes to show why the DS is far more essential than the PSP. I use my DS almost every other day to play a game, whilst my PSP is gathering dust in the corner. It occurred to me to have a think about the upcoming handheld games that I was currently either going to get or might get, these are as follows:

Nintendo DS:
Animal Crossing : Wild World
Tetris DS
Metroid Prime : Hunters
New Mario Bros
Phoenix Wright
Rub Rabbits
Trauma Center
Final Fantasy III
Children of Mana

Sony PSP:
Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core – Maybe

And this is even before E3 2006, where there are bound to be plenty of games announced. I think this, more than anything else illustrates why the DS is the handheld to own at the moment. The problem with the PSP is that all they seem to release on it are port of PS2 games, and why on earth would you pay for a PSP port when you can play it on the PS2? Of all the games that I own for the PSP, the only truly original game is Lumines.

On a side note, I had vaguely considered selling my PSP and using the funds to buy the 4GB Datel media player for the DS, but there’s always the possibility that future ORIGINAL games may come out on the PSP.

The DS Lite (Pure White version) was launched in Japan today. The result… Just have a look at the pictures below:

Hundreds upon hundreds of people were queuing in the freezing cold since the early hours of the morning (camping out in sleeping bags) outside every store in Tokyo and the DS Lite was literally sold in minutes with thousands of people leaving home without one.

The likelihood of me getting hold of the Enamel Navy DS Lite on its launch on the 11th March is looking slimmer and slimmer by the day.


steve said...

Agreed, as I've said on my blog the DS beats the pants off the PSP in every way that matters - the actual games. PSP has the gimmicks and the looks, but it's all superficial. Top marks to Nintendo for not wavering in the face of competition, doing their own thing and getting it spot-on.

Sameranda said...

Man, I just dont understand it, getting all excited and queueing for hours like that.

I've just ordered Serenity on DVD from Amazon, can't WAIT until it arrives, I love that film so much.

Would you know if they'll be showing Final Destination 3 at the Mallard? You seem pretty knowledgable on the whole local movie scene. And did you manage to find some tenants yet?

Bazlurgan said...

Steve - Just wish the DS was as popular worldwide as it is in Japan.

Sameranda - If I lived in Japan, I'd probably be one of those sad individuals. I take it you've seen Firefly as well.

Final Destination 3 starts 10th March at the Mallard...

There website is here:

Sameranda said...

Noo, haven't seen Firefly. Am very tempted to buy it from Amazon though. Have you seen it?

Bazlurgan said...

Ooooh yes!

If you enjoy Serenity, I'd definately recomment Firefly. You can get it for next to nothing these days (£11 on Amazon). Just think of it as more of Serenity - with a touch more humour.

P.S. May have tenants...

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