Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PS3 release date

The release date for the PS3 has finally been announced, this is:

November 2006 WORLDWIDE!

Yep, the worldwide is a bit of a shocker. Before the announcement, if you were to ask me, I would have predicted the following:

Japan July 2006
US November 2006
Europe Easter 2007

So this SHOULD mean that by Christmas 2006, I should have no one, but two new consoles, namely the PS3 and Nintendo Revolution (which is also due to launch on a similar date in Europe).

I stress the SHOULD because Sony are far from reliable when it comes to launch dates. After all the PS3 was originally during Spring 2006 (i.e. now), but worst still, the PSP was originally intended to launch worldwide at the end of 2004 (In the US it was around 4 months late and in Europe it was around 9 months late). So I’ll be taking today’s announcement with a slight pinch of salt.

Of course if they don’t make a European launch before Christmas 2006, it will be a severe kick in the groin for Sony. They cannot afford to allow Microsoft to enjoy 2 Christmas’s ahead of them!

It’s also been confirmed that the PS3 will have a 60GB hard drive and also upscale PS1 and PS2 games to high definition… All sounding very promising (imagines ICO in high definition glory).

I'm sure I'll find out more in the coming months... namely at E3.

I’ve been listening to The Beatles an awful lot recently on my ipod. I’ve recently got hold of Revolver and Sg. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club and have been listening to these along with The White Album and 1.

All great, great stuff.


Sameranda said...

Glad you finally got your tenants sorted. If they turn out to be trouble you can go and shout at Swoffers! Yay! (Obviously they are my rivals...)

Oh yeah, have just ordered Firefly from Amazon and its all your fault.

Bazlurgan said...

Hope you enjoy Firefly... Watch out for the Episodes "Our Own Mrs Reynolds", "JaynesTown" and "Out of Gas"... My favourites.