Sunday, March 26, 2006

Order sent, Near Dark, Reiki and GDC

I received a magical email from Lik Sang earlier today – along the lines of “your order has been sent”.

That’s right – my DS Lite is on its way… It should reach me in 1-3 day. I presume this is working days, so I should have it by next Thursday at the latest! WooHoo!

More when I get it!

Both Sony and Nintendo’s talks at the GDc have come and gone. For Sony the only additional significant information which was given in relation to the PS3 was that it will be multiregion as far as games go (similar to the PSP). This is great news for importers of games. Now rather than waiting 6 months for a game to be release in Europe after the US, I should be able to get hold of a US copy in future.

There was a lot expected from the Nintendo talk, but very little information given. Many people believed that the “true” name for the Revolution would be revealed, many speculating that this would be “Go”, however, this was not announced. The only new Revoltion news was that it would be able to download Sega Mastersystem games in addition to the Nintendo back catalogue. Good news for Sega fans.

Also on the DS front a new game was announce. The Legend of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass. This seems to be a true sequel to Wind Waker, in that it uses the same animation style as Wind Waker and also shares the same setting. Of course being on the DS, there are also a great deal of touch screen features. All in all, this is looking very promising!

Roz went for her first reiki session yesterday. She said that she found it very beneficial, although I must admit that I’m still very doubtful of the technique, but glad that Roz is trying something new.

One thing that I wasn’t told about previously, was that that her reiki practitioner told her that after her reiki session that she wasn’t allowed to have sex for 24 hours as this would mess with her chi! Sounds like a big fat feminist conspiracy to me!

Films watched:
Near Dark
This is a very different vampire film. I came out shortly after Lost Boys, but is so far removed from this that it is almost a different genre. Interestingly the word vampire is not mentioned once during the film, also at no point is an explanation given to the characters “condition”

This film also cleverly uses many of the cast from Aliens (Bishop, Hudson etc), at one stage in the film, there is even a cinema in the background advertising “Aliens” on the billboard, a little in-joke I’d like to think.

A very atmospheric and different vampire film to the norm.


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