Monday, March 06, 2006

SKY are scum and the last Colossi!

Okay – our Sky TV broke down around 5 weeks ago… We had nothing more than a “no signal” message. So I arranged for this to be fixed – direct through SKY. This had to be arranged 5 weeks in advance for March the 8th and I was told that I would be contacted a couple of days before hand to arrange the time etc… I had not heard anything so I phoned today.

I’m now told that they will only phone me – on the day – prior to 9 a.m. This is useless considering that I’m normally in work at 7:40. Roz works the afternoon and is out most of the morning with Elliot, Making life very difficult for me to arrange someone to be at our house when they’re going to install this.

Grrrrrrr…. Most annoyed.

I tried phoning someone else to fix the problem (note we now know that it’s the dish as this has since rusted and fallen off the wall). I was told that this would cost £45 for a new dish and a further £45 per hour! So that options out the window!

Why the hell can’t people book things in advance for a specific time???? Do they think that everyone just sits at home ideally all day waiting and hoping that they’ll arrive at some stage???

Games Played:
Shadow of the Colossus
Completed this before (btw from my last post – still haven’t slept more so this counts as completed whilst suffering from sleep deprivation).

Definitely not as masterful a game as ICO, but still exceedingly good. Whenever you killed a Colossi I always had the inkling that you were doing something very bad and now I know that that was certainly the case. The ending is definitely on the downbeat side, and also somewhat ambiguous. There were definite links to ICO, but these were never really explained. You never know, the next game (for the PS3 presumably) may also be set in the same “world” and may shed a little more light (figuratively and physically).

BTW the last Colossi redefines huge. Its fingers were as big as the smaller Colossi!

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Sameranda said...

Sky sucks, in the year we've had it we have had to have to engineer out about 4 times, our box seized up totally and had to be replaced, and our satellite dish spins around in high winds. So I know where you're coming from.
Still tempted to buy Colossi but in reality I should try to finish ICO first (I never did last time because the PS2 had a complete fit and froze the game) so yeah, will probably do that first.