Wednesday, February 01, 2006

White Album, Pilchard and Gay Cowboys

I’ve just recently listened to The White Album by the Beatles. It has to be said that there is not one track from this album which is instantly recognisable as one of the classic Beatles singles and yet this is considered by many to be one of their greatest albums (after Sgt Peppers of course). All the same, it’s a fantastic album, very experimental, incorporating just about every style imaginable and yet still remaining very much a cohesive collection of songs.

Revolution 9, it has to be said, is a tad odd as far as tracks go.

Roz and I believe that Elliot may have an invisible friend. His name is Pilchard (probably taken from Bob the Builders cat). Sometime Elliot comments that Pilchard is at home, and he has also mentioned that Pilchard goes to playschool with him. I’ve even hear Elliot refer to him as Pilchard the Tank Engine, which is even more bizarre. Anyway, Elliot has also recently mentioned that Pilchard is in fact a scarecrow… So as such, below is an artist impression of my little boys “invisible friend”:

And a picture of my sane little son who has imagined this “invisible scarecrow”.:

Films watched:
Brokeback Mountain
Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that the only reason I decided to watch this was because of the Oscar nomination. After all, the thought of a “gay cowboy” movie, really isn’t much to inspire interest (in my case at least) in a film.

Overall the film was actually better than I expected. Quite good, but not anywhere near great, or in my opinion anywhere near good enough to deserve an Oscar. Then again, lesser films have won Oscars in the past, so this still stands a chance.

It was quite a slow film, but by no means ponderous, and certainly beautifully filmed. A fair amount of the film was little more than pensive looks and unrequited pining, so the story was not exactly gripping, but also somehow quite different and engaging. Far superior to Munich, which it is up against in the Oscar race… Just need to watch another 3 films to gauge my thoughts on the overall winner for best picture.


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