Sunday, February 12, 2006

Flat, Lite, Kart and Rocky

Nintendo announced the colours available for the DS Lite the other day these are shown below:

I’ve ordered the Navy Enamel version as my preference, with the Pure White as my second favourite.

I’ve also cracked any import power problems with the DS Lite. It is uncertain whether the GBA Micro power supply will work with the DS Lite, but I have been able to find a cheap step down converter on Lik Sang which will do the job very nicely. Just have to wait until March the 3rd now!

In preparation of getting my new DS I’ve also ordered a couple of new games which I will save until it arrives. These are Mario and Luigi: Partners in time (as I’m a great fan of the Paper Mario series of games) and Zoo Keeper, which I have heard is a great puzzle game and was going cheap on Amazon.

We only had 2 phone calls from our advert in the Guernsey Press for our flat. One of those is coming around for a second viewing this afternoon, but I’m really not feeling that hopeful. We have also put the flat on with a couple of a agents… The details for the flat can be found below:

Garden Flat

Games Played:
Mario Kart DS
I have finally passed the 100 wins mark on my online victories. This now currently stands at 101 wins against 71 losses. Not too shabby.

I have also managed to get a minimum of a 1 star rating on all missions and races, therefore when I race online there is a star shown against my name, so my opposition will truly fear me :)

I also discovered that in the mission mode, once you have a star rating on all the missions, it opens up a new series of missions to play... Which, trust me, are damn hard.

Film Watched:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
I’ve been in a kinda musical mood of late so I decided to watch this again the other night.

This is quite possibly the best “cult” film of all time, and with good reason. It’s simply fantastic. Great songs, great quotes, a great cast of characters and actors, suitably absurd, there is really a lot going for it.

The film is however, completely stolen by Tim Curry as Frankenfurter, in a role that he has never lived down since.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, I’d recommend that you give it a chance… You never know, you might end up enjoying it (stockings and garters and all).

All together now… I remember, doing the timewarp…


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