Saturday, February 04, 2006

Little wanderer and Constant Gardener

Last night Roz and I had a surprise little visitor into our bedroom. We awoke to the sound of Elliot saying “where’s Mummy and Daddy gone?” Looking up from bed, we could see Elliot standing in the Doorway.

It was the second time that he’d got out of bed that night (the first he was standing in the corridor), the second time ever that he’s decided to leave his bed in the middle of the night.

He settled down eventually, I just hope that this isn’t the start of something new!

Films Watched:
The Constant Gardener
Why oh why wasn’t this nominated for an Oscar?
In a year in which we have Munich, which while well directed, was frankly boring, over long and pretentious. Also Brokeback Mountain, which again is well directed, great acting, but not much storyline – and yet hailed by critics and carried on by a wave of controversy and misplaced hype. Somehow The Constant Gardener has been missed out.

Lets see now. Great direction – tick. Well acted – double tick (both for Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz). A film with heartfelt message – tick. But most importantly, a damn fine story. Something that seems to have been missing from a great number of films lately (Oscar nominated films most definitely included). Surely telling a good story should be regarded as paramount with a good film? Or am I just alone in this thought?

I realise I’m ranting and whilst The Constant Gardener is a very good film, again, it isn’t without it’s faults, and yet it is still head a shoulders above the likes of Munich. And I think I’m just a little tire and annoyed,,, not idea why… just annoyed.

God I really am ranting now. Shut up…. And so I will.

Anyway… Yes… a score out of ten I guess.


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