Wednesday, February 08, 2006

ipod video, tenants and DS Lite

First I feel I have to say that I really do love my ipod video, it’s quite frankly a lovely piece of kit. However, the fact that Apple claim that the battery life for this ipod is 14 hours if frankly ridicules. By my estimate the battery life (with the backlight turned off) is closer to 4-5 hours maximum. This is also roughly at around half volume.

The only way that I think that the battery life could possibly stretch to 14 hours would be with virtually nil volume and even then I’m doubtful.

As I said, I really am very fond of my ipod, I’m just slightly annoyed at the exaggerated battery life claims.

I managed to get hold of our prospective tenants the other day and they have told me that although they don’t actually hold a lease with their current landlady, they do not want to annoy her by leaving the property prior to new tenants being found for it (which the landlady has insisted upon). The reason being that the landlady is the sister of one of their bosses at work. As such it has been implied that they may lose their job if they anger their landlady.

As such they don’t know when they can leave their current property and therefore don’t know when they would be available to take on our flat.

As such, we are, once again, back to square one and are readvertising the flat this Friday in the hope to drum up more interest.

I also have to admit that I have succumbed to temptation. I’ve preordered a Japanese DS Lite.

It’s just that I play on my DS so damn often that it seemed too hard to turn down. After all, I can then pass my old DS onto Roz and Elliot to use. Also the price isn’t too bad and the good thing about imported handheld consoles is the fact that you can use any games from any country in them. Plus he redesign looks pretty sexy.

The DS Lite is supposedly due to launch in a selection of 3 colours, but at present only white has been revealed. Once all the colours have been officially announced, I’ll be given the option to choose (but to be honest I’ll likely be happy with anything other than pink). There’s also the possibility that I may have ordered this a little late and that I might not get one in the first batch release (as I expect that they’ll be very popular). If this happens, I’ll just have to re-evaluate what to do then (i.e. whether to import still or wait for the European release).

Just have to wait now until March 2nd to see!


steve said...

Hmm, that's rather odd, I've always found my battery life to be pretty much as the specs say (I've got a 4th generation now rather than the video). I use it for about 1 hour a day on weekdays and it tends last a couple of weeks between charges which is about right.

My original ipod (v1) was pretty good too, until age eventually killed the battery. A £30 souped-up replacement (and some wound-inflicting ipod surgery) later and it lasts longer than my new ipod now.

Try getting the latest firmware, they fixed some battery life issues in firmware updates of the earlier ipods. You might want to take a look at

Bazlurgan said...

Thanks for the advice... I'd presumed that this was the case with all ipods, but I guess not.

I'll take a look at the link later.

Sameranda said...

Our cat weed on our DS and it's never been the same since :(

I wish I could help find you a tenant but we don't do any rentals here I'm afraid. I could help you sell it but seeing as you've just bought it you probably won't want to do that!

Ummm, well the only thing I can think of is that we get a lot of people needing flexible rental accommodation, ie where they're not tied in to 12 months etc. I know that wouldn't be ideal for you guys but if you really are stuck maybe you could offer that. A lot of people who've houses we've sold need stop-gaps so would go for something like that.

Sorry I can't be more help & good luck finding someone! Hope they're not freaks like the last lot!!

Bazlurgan said...

My god! I'd be horrified... Your poor DS!

Thanks for the advise. We really wanted a minimum of a 1 year lease signed. We have another advert in the Press tomorrow, so I'll see how things go with that.

If we have no luck, I'll have to have a chat we Roz, so we can discuss our options.