Friday, February 10, 2006

Lite power problems and Crash

Some further details (pictures and a manual) about the DS Lite have sneaked onto the internet today – with a potential problem for me. It appears as if the DS Lite does not use the same power adaptor as the normal DS. As such, I will if I purchase an imported DS Lite have a 110V adaptor when I need a 220v adaptor :-
However, it looks like the DS Lite maybe using the same power adaptor as the Gameboy Micro, so all is not yet lost. I will have to look into this a little further before deciding to import.

Film Watched:
At last… We have a film nominated for best picture in this years Oscars that I actually like!

In many ways this film is similar to Magnolia, i.e. it is about a group of very different people based in L.A. who’s path cross during the course of a day. Where this differs from Magnolia is that the emphasis is placed very highly on racial hatred in Crash. Whilst not quite reaching the dizzy heights of Magnolia, this is still an excellent film with great performances all round.

There was one scene which had me sobbing quite uncontrollably (something which I can tell you, has not happened for a very long time for a film). Without spoiling the moment for anyone who hasn’t seen the film, it is at the conclusion of the “magic cloak” story. I think that it is the parent in me coming out. Since becoming a Dad I always find that I’m very deeply moved by anything in films or television where there is a strong father/son or father/daughter relationship. Even Finding Nemo gave me a lump in my throat… Go figure!


On the parenting theme. Elliot was feeling a little under the weather today. He has had a temperature and has had the shakes a little, as well as being unusual tired. There really is nothing else that can make you feel more helpless as a parent than when your child is ill. I know I always find it devastating when I can’t do anything to help make my little boy feel better.
I just hope that he feels a little better tomorrow after a nights rest

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