Saturday, October 15, 2005

Smith and Half Life Completed...

Films Watched:
Mr Smith Goes to Washington
I ordered this from Amazon a few weeks back as A) I'm a big fan of James Steawart, B) It's also happens to be a "classic" movie that I've never gotten round to watching.

I think to fully appreciate this film, you really need to be American. The patriotic angle and love for ones country is really is lost to anyone outside the US. That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy the film it's just that I think that some of it's charm was lost on me. It certainly didn't have the sparkle and appeal of It's a Wonderful Life (another classic Stewart and Capra collaboration).

The best thing about this film really has to be a young James Stewart in such a fish out of water role.


Games Played:
Half Life 2
Well I've just completed this game.

It's interesting that I was reading an article in Edge the other day about games adapted into movies (an how often or not how utter rubbish they automatically become). If any producer had an ounce of sense, he'd look at Half Life 2 and just film it, taking the set pieces, storyline and everything that is in the games and translating it perfectly for the cinema. What a film that would make.

This is definately the best PC game I've played in countless years, and also one of my favourite games of this year. I just hope that Half Life 2: Aftermath (and the Lost Coast) won't need a more powerful PC to run them... We'll see idc.

Just need to work on Killer 7 now...

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