Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Revolution in 06 - worldwide?

Here are some comments made by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recently...

"I can only say that it's coming out during 2006, but it will be after the current fiscal year. We hope to make it a simultaneous worldwide release as much as it's possible."

It looks like Nintendo might be following Microsofts lead and aiming for a simultaneous worldwide launch. I've also heard rumours that this may be June 2006... But hey, I don't care, just so long as I can get hold of it by Christmas 2006 I'll be a happy man :)

Now does this mean that Sony might also aim for a simultaneous worldwide launch for the PS3? I'd say doubtful when you consider how poorly handled the PSP launch was.

I'd also like to add that it's currently October... Thats right OCTOBER! So why is it that I'm seeing so many damn Christmas adverts at the moment? Why is it that they are selling advent calendars? Why is it that shops in the high street ALREADY have Christmas trees in their windows?

It isn't even Halloween yet... Or Guy Fawkes Night... Or even the evnt of the year (namely my birthday).

Christmas is in DECEMBER... Can't the shops wait even a little bit?????

Games played:
Advance Wars: Dual Strike.
I finished campaign mode the other day, but I'm still playing this (just not quite as frantically). There's plenty more to keep me busy as well as a hard campaign mode (which really is a challenge).

Have I mentioned how much I like this game? Thought so... I'll mention it again, one more time. What a fantastic game.

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