Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Of Mice and Me

Just before heading to bed last night I spotted a mouse scuttle across my kitchen and disappear under the fridge.

I set traps last night, but had no luck catching the little blighter. About a year ago I thought I saw a mouse, but was not 100% convinced… Now I am certain that it was a rodent this time around. I guess this is just one disadvantage of living so close to a field (along with the gigantic spiders which have on occasion have sought refuge in our house).

I shall lay the traps over the next few days to see if I have any luck.

Films Watched:
The Virgin Suicides
The Debut film by Sophia Coppola (Lost in Translation).

It’s obvious from watching this that Sophia has the potential to become as talented a director as her father. Both films made by her have been slightly offbeat and yet intriguing. I preferred this film over Lost in Translation, but neither has been exactly spectacular.

The Virgin Suicides started off very well, but seemed to lose direction two thirds of the way through the film. The ending also, whilst expected, did not feel particularly conclusive. Good performance by a younger Kirsten Dunst as Lux the most rebellious of the five suicidal sisters.


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