Wednesday, October 12, 2005

December the 8th

December the 8th… That’s the date Roz and I will be buying the flat below…

I’m filled with a mixed sense of fear and excitement.

All we have to do now is find a tenant!

Games played:
Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Okay, I’m pretty addicted to this (Roz can vouch for this – as there is hardly a free moment that goes by that I’m not playing this). This is just the perfect type of game for a handheld, i.e. something that you can play in short bursts, but still holds your attention.

The reason why it’s such a fantastic game? Quite simply it’s the balance you need to strike between the right forces you choose, the placement of troops and the attack strategy used. It’s all about tipping the balance of power on a map in your favour, be this a strategic area or the number of properties taken over, then using this to your advantage.

Half Life 2
Roz commented the other day that I seem to have bought a fair few games lately and not completed any. This is quite true (although I don’t think you can “complete” Harvest Moon as such. So I thought I’d try my best to finish Half Life 2, as I suspect I’m nearing the end of the game.

Also with my birthday and Christmas coming up, the chances are I may have a couple more games coming my way idc. (fingers crossed)

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