Friday, October 14, 2005

The names Craig, Daniel Craig and the ULTIMATE JOKER?

Well Daniel Craig has been official been announced by Sony as the next James Bond (the 6th to take on the role). What amused me most is that shortly before the official announcement, this was common knowledge anyway, the reason… Daniel Craigs Mum, God bless her…


Daniel Craig's mother appears to have confirmed that he is the next James Bond today, amid feverish speculation that the actor is the sixth official 007.

""We are thrilled to bits. He could bring something very interesting to the part. It will be life-changing," she told the Liverpool Daily Post.

My thoughts on the matter? I would have still have preferred Clive Owen in the role, but what I have seen of Daniel Craig, he seems like a fine actor. His appearance is a tad more rugged than I would expect for Bond, not to mention a tad blonder than I would expect. However, if they are aiming for a grittier more hard hitting Bond, reminiscent od the early Connery years, I think that Daniel Craig could very well cary that off.

Another rumour surfaced on the internet yesterday suggesting that Michael Keaton is being considered for the role of the Joker in the sequel to Batman Begins. Now, other than the fact that it would bee cool to have the ex-Batman in the new Batman movies, I think that this is a fantastic idea. Now ignore your current perception of Michael Keaton and cast your mind back to Beetlejuice … this is practically as close to the Joker as you could possibly get and Michael Keaton total blew me away as Beetlejuice! Please, please let this rumour come to fruition, I honestly can’t think of anyone better suited to the role (although I have always thought that Dennis Quaid has the Joker smile).

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