Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Cold and Wars

Been suffering with a cold the last few days - so generally not been feeling my best :(

I hope to feel better soon as I have a friends stag night to attend on Friday night and Serenity to go and see at the local cinema on Saturday.

Games played:
Advance Wars: Duel Strike
My parents-in-law gave me a gift the other day to say a "thank you" for doing all the driving on our Jersey trip. The gift was a copy of Advance Wars: Duel Strike for the DS. It was really very generous and kind of them, as I never expecting a gift at all.

Anyway, what I have played of the game so far has confirmed that it is equally as good as Advance Wars on the GBA. The quality of the graphics are far from spectacular, instead they are functional, but that really syuits this type of game best. I can tell that this will be one game that I will be playing for a long, long time. My only wish is that someday in the not too distant future that Nintendo bring out a wifi online version of the game, as I'd imagine that this would be fantastic played against real opponents around the globe.

There is a great review of this game at Eurogamer that really does explain the appeal very well:


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