Monday, September 01, 2008

US Monster Trucks and Guitar Hero

On Friday evening I went with my wife and one of her friends to a local pub called The Doghouse to watch a local band play called the US Monster Trucks.

I must say that I was very impressed, they had an overall good set list (mainly covers of other bands, but still very good) and all played extremely well. My wife was busy dancing and having a good time, whilst I was watching the guitarist enviously (I doubt I’ll ever be that good).

Anyway, it was their last gig for some time, as the lead singer is pregnant, and in her words, “is due to drop a little truck sometime soon”.

I also bought Guitar Hero 3 the other day for my PS3, as it was on sale in HMV. I’ve played it before on the 360, Wii and PS2, and from my past experience the PS2 version felt somehow… wrong, the other versions (including my PS3 version) are fine.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am thoroughly sick of EA / Harmonics treatment of Rock Band for any format other than the 360 in Europe. It is now almost a year since it was release in the US and STILL no confirmation of a release date for the PS3 (or the PS2 and Wii), as such… stuff them. I’m happy with Guitar Hero 3 for the moment, and will be buying Guitar Hero: World Tour when it is released in a couple of months (as shock, there is an actual release date for this).

I also tend to play Rock Band down a friends house most Monday nights, so rather than spend out on a game that I have already played a lot of, I’d be happier spending out on a brand new game, namely Guitar Hero: World Tour.

I will more than likely get Rock Band (or more likely Rock Band 2) as a game only, for the different set list, but as far as the instrument pack goes, I’ll be sticking with Guitar Hero. Besides, I’ve always preferred the Guitar Hero instruments, and love the look of the Guitar Hero drums.

As a side note, my only complaint with Guitar Hero 3 are those damn boss battles (but by the sounds of things these have been toned down for the next game).


Sinbad said...

The reasons I didn't like GH3 had nothing to do with the platform (even though the graphics were worse than the previous games), it was all down to the poorly tuned difficulty curve and 'gamey' rather than musically accurate note charts. And the worst thing was they totally screwed up co-op mode, since you couldn't unlock a ton of songs on Hard until you *both* completed the most stupidly difficult songs on Hard. A total failure of game design that was common across all platforms.

It might not bother you so much if you play single player though. The 'wall' on Hard is still there, but it's not quite so annoying on single player. I hardly ever play these games alone though.

I can understand it sucking that the PS3 version of RB isn't out yet, but at least it will eventually come out. I could bitch and moan and call Media Molecule bastards for their attitude to the 360 too ;) Some developers just have a favourite platform. All exclusivity sucks, and permanent exclusivity sucks more.

I will see what GHWT is like when it comes out but I still don't think Neversoft understand the genre as well as Harmonix based on their track record.

Sinbad said...

Did you see that Rock Band got a release date on PS3 (and everything else) now? 12 September.

Bazlurgan said...

Really - where did you see this?

It's not showing on Amazon yet...

Besides, they've left it too late for me - It seems a tad silly releasing Rock Band in the UK when Rock Band 2 is due to be release in a month in the US.

Besides - I'd prefer to wait until Guitar Hero World Tour. and possibly get Rock Band (or Rock Band 2) at a later date to play using Guitar Hero Instruments...

I know that you favour Rock Band, but I really don't have much of a preference, and I'm sick of the way that EA/Harmonix have treated the release of the game outside of the US...

Plus I get to play it each week at your house :)

Thanks for the head up though...

Sinbad said...

It was on both Amazon and Play yesterday with 12 Sept. Amazon only seem to have the drums & guitar now but Play still have the lot (Play have always been better than Amazon for games in my experience anyway)

I know you don't have a preference, but you haven't played on Hard yet. Personally having played every game in this series extensively, I'm a stickler for the 'feel' and GH3 was way off IMO - too 'gamey' on Hard+ with too wide a timing window to try to compensate for the silly difficulty, and from what I've heard from the hands-on tests GHWT is much the same, which isn't my cup of tea. The hardware looks good, but that's because it's Red Octane making it rather than anything to do with GH. The best experience might be Red Octane hardware plus Harmonix software in the end perhaps (ie just like the GH1 & 2 setup!), but there's at least two more months before we can judge.

There's rumours that the UK might get RB2 in October on 360, or that the US version will be region-free; fingers crossed...