Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New LCD, lessons and hair

First and foremost… My new LCD is on its way to me right now :)

Hopefully I should have it either by this weekend, or the beginning of next week…

Last night I went to my very first guitar lesson, equipped with my new acoustic guitar (pictured below). I thought I’d give guitar lessons a try, as I have previously tried learning off my own back, but subsequently stopped. Hopefully the lessons will give me more incentive to continue, as well as keep me more focused.

On our first lesson we just went through the very basics, namely learning about the guitar, what the parts are called, tuning and how to hold it. All the same, it’s good to start at a basic level.

One thing that did amuse me however, was that the lesson was held at my old secondary school. Up in the foyer were old class picture, including that class of 1989 (the year I left). What struck me were the ever so amusing big 80’s hairstyles of practically everyone in the picture, students and teachers alike (and me). It really was quite frightening, but fun all the same looking out for all my school friends.

The 80’s really were a bad, BAD time for fashion…as can be attested by the likes of Duran Duran…

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Sinbad said...

Looks like you have the same accoustic guitar as I do. You'll have to tell me if you pick up any good tips, since I'm still self-teaching..

The 80's certainly were bad for faashion, but very good for hair spray companies :/