Friday, September 12, 2008

Diary of the Dead and new TV (?)

Film watched:
Diary of the Dead

Tries to outdo Cloverfield, but fails miserably. Pantomime at best.


So, I’m looking to buy myself a new TV to replace my faithful 50” Philips plasma.

At present, I actually have two TV’s in my lounge, my 50” Philips plasma, which I use for general TV use and films, and a 26” Sony LCD which I use for gaming. The main reason for this being fear of burn in on the Plasma (and even without permanent burn in, there is always a degree of ghosting). I know that this may be a touch paranoid, but all the same, even with modern plasmas, this is still a risk.

Previously I’d been against LCD being used as my main TV, as the quality of LCD 5 years ago was nowhere near as good as it is now. Also, it was rare to find large screen LCD’s 5 years ago. LCD technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years, to such a degree that in many respects it has equalled or even exceeded plasma in many regards.

In the past, the negatives against me getting a LCD for my main set were:

1) Compared to plasma’s they used to be very bulky (not the case so much these days).

2) LCD’s previously didn’t handle motion very well compared to plasma’s (again this isn’t too much of a problem with most modern LCD’s)

3) The contrast ratio’s of LCD’s were poor. Admitably plasma’s are also worse than CRT, but LCD’s seemed to suffer more due to the fact that it is a requirement that the screen be constantly backlit.

Two LCD’s are due to come to the market which negate all of the points above, most specifically points 2 and 3, using LED backlighting technology. These LCD’s are Sony’s X4500 series and Samsung’s Series 9 LCD’s, and as such, I have been watching these closely.

As I am used to a 50” TV, I would not want to drop below this size, and both the Sony and Samsung models come in either 46” models or 55”models, as such the 55” would be a must.

Whilst the 55” Sony X4500 looks extremely good, it is priced well out of my price range and as such, I’m looking to buy the Samsung, which just fits within my budget (but only just). I’ve got it on order, and so long as there are no complications (and so long as the price doesn’t change) I should hopefully be getting this sometime after it is released (which means, likely in the next couple of months).

Now I’m very aware that OLED sets are due on the horizon, but these are no likely to be available for some time yet. Also, a large screen OLED set is likely to be extremely pricey and as such LCD (with LED backlight) looks to be the best bet for me at present.

Anyway, here is a picture of this beauty, and below is also a link to a flash site which details the series 9 range:

Samsung LCD series


Sinbad said...

Ah yes, I've seen these - they turn off the LEDs where the picture is black. Clever. My laptop uses LED backlighting and it definitely works well, except I have one faulty LED which is slightly brighter than the rest which is a little annoying (but it's out of warranty now).

Isn't 55" going to be a bit too big to play games on though? I remember FZero X on the plasma was brain-frying!

Bazlurgan said...

Is that your Apple laptop?

Yeah F-Zero X was brain frying (but then again it was to a degree on a small screen as well). I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Sinbad said...

Yeah, all the Apple laptops have had LED backlighting for a little over a year now, it makes the battery last longer for one thing. I think all their desktop screens have it now too.