Thursday, September 11, 2008

Band on the Run...

Breaking... Band on the Run will be a track on Guitar Hero: World Tour.

Colour me happy :)

This may not be The Beatles, but we're getting close with Wings (i.e. McCartney must have signed up to the idea). What's more Band on the Run happens to be one of my favourite Wings tracks, I was only listening to it yesterday thinking how great it would be in Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

Just need the following now from Wings:

Venus & Mars / Rockshow
Live and Let Die


Sinbad said...

Funny how the rumours turn out to be true :)

I honestly don't know what you see in Wings though, it's too 'easy listening' for my tastes. What next, Cliff Richard? ;) j/k, each to his own.

Bazlurgan said...

Each to there own I guess... Each to there own.