Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rock band incoming…

Okay, hands up… I folded.

I’ve ordered Rock Band on import.

The reason for this is that I actually managed to find somewhere where it could be imported at a reasonable price. Most online retailers are either sold out or are charging an absolute fortune for the Rock Band bundle. Ebay is worse, where you will have to pay in the region of £170-£200+ for the bundle, and even then not be guaranteed that it is a quality product.

Luckily I stumbled across Barnes and Noble, from a recommendation on a forum. There site is here:

Barnes & Noble

It seems like a really good site actually.

From here I have managed to get the Rock Band bundle including postage for just under £104.00! A pretty good deal in my book. So hopefully should be getting this in the post in the not too distant future :)

My only concern now is DLC. I know that there is a way around this using online credit cards and also the fact that PSN cards may be out in the not too distant future, however, I expect that I won’t be too concerned about DLC initially, I’m sure that I’ll have plenty to keep me occupied.

I will likely blog with my report on the game when I get it through.


Sinbad said...

Haha, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist :D That's a very good price, slightly under £30 cheaper than I've pre-ordered it for. The other place I'd seen was which seemed to do quite a good deal, but I don't know what their shipping prices are. So I guess I'll be coming round to yours to play instead then!

I would strongly suggest ordering a bass drum pedal reinforcement too though, they're not expensive and the bass pedal is known to be the part most likely to break, and since RMA'ing is going to be much tougher (or impossible?) on import it's probably worth the investment.

Bazlurgan said...

Yeah I looked into, but their shipping costs bring it up to just over £200.00 believe it or not... So that was a BIG no!

I may look into a bass drum pedal reinforcement and possible drum pads as well (so I don't wake up Elliot)

Oh and yeah, you'd be welcome to pop around once I get it if you want an earl look...