Monday, April 21, 2008

MK god-like, Lovefilm & MGO beta

I think I may have attained a God like status on Mario Kart…

On Friday evening I had a go online and ended up playing 12 races in total. I was surprised when I won not just the first game, but the second, third, forth etc. It got to the point that I was telling myself that I would keep on playing until I didn’t get first place. Eventually I gave up after 12 games, not because I didn’t become first, just because I was starting to feel guilty for winning all the time.

On Saturday I had another go. 5 Races, 5 1st places…

On Sunday evening I had a go again. 6 races, 6 1st places…

So, by my count that is 23 races where I have attained nothing short of 1st place! These races have also been largely full games, comprising of 8-12 players, also whilst not everyone I have raced against have been ranked as high as me, there have been some which are of a similar ranking. It also has to be said that I haven’t completely aced every race (i.e. I haven’t been miles ahead all the time), there have also been some very close races, where I have edged ahead at the very end

My conclusion?

Me + Mario Kart Wii + online = very good.

As can be seen from my blog, I have been watching a fair few films recently, all of which I have not see previously and as such have been reviewed here. Instead of buying tons of DVD’s as I’ve done in the past, instead I have joined Lovefilm.

So far I have found them to be very good and very fairly priced. They are slightly different to a normal DVD rental establishment in that you don’t choose the exact DVD that you want to rent. Instead you create a list of films that you would like to see and rank them by priority and they then send you these films as and when they are available. This is perfect for me as I have numerous films, both old and new, which I would like to see, but for some reason or another have not got around to watching. At present I have 34 titles on my list and can have up to 3 DVD’s a month at just £5.99 a month.

Over the weekend I have signed up for the Metal Gear Online beta. So far this has been a far from easy experience. The initial download of the beta wasn’t bad, but the patch took forever to download (had to keep it going overnight on a peer to peer network). Following that I needed to obtain both a Konami ID and also a game ID before I could play. The website was so busy, however, that these were a struggle to obtain.

I have now just found out that the beta has been delayed. It was meant to start today but has now been pushed back a day or two… Darn, I was really looking forward to having a go tonight!


Sinbad said...

MK: You do realise that it's people like you who put people like me off online gaming? ;)

Lovefilm seems like a good idea - now if only broadband speeds were fast enough that you could download them instead of the hassle of waiting for the post and then having to returning it afterwards. Still don't think digital distribution will be big? ;)

Bazlurgan said...

Hey, what can I say... I can't help it if I'm that good :)

And no, I don't think that the future will br digital distribution... I think it will get bigger, much bigger, but will not replace physical mediums.