Friday, April 04, 2008

Hostel 2 and absolute last star

Film watched:
Hostel: part 2

Odious and mean. A disappointing sequel, lacking originals perverted humour.


Well, I’ve done it…

I’ve got every single star in Super Mario Galaxy, both by Mario and in effectively “hard mode” using the second character introduced after you (fully) complete the game first. Was it hard? Damn right it was. One stage in particular, namely the Battlerock purple comet stage, took me countless attempts and quite literally had me screaming at my TV.

Oh well, Elliot is please that I’ve completed it. He’s been watching me play and assisting me with the second Wiimote. Although for some reason he wants me to play through it all for a 3rd time :-\

Just 1 week now until Mario Kart Wii!

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