Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mario and Luigi, Wii and Hostel

Over 24 hours later and Wii is still Wii.

Nintendo have tried to defend the name (rather unsuccessfully) and the pun have just carried on and on and on… I don’t think I’ve ever seen the game forums so damn busy.

I must admit that the word in print looks good, it’s just saying it that sound so damn daft. Why not pronounce Wii as “why” and therefore escape all possible associations to urine?

It’s probably only the UK which has got a purile “carry on” sense of humour, to which this name has such an impact, but then again the UK markets is quite sizeable!

It’s certainly different and it’s certainly got attention! Maybe it was Nintendo’s intention to get the attention of non-gamers to see what the hell this Wii nonsense is all about.

Either genius marketing or complete and utter Japanese bonkers… Knowing Nintendo, it’s more likely just bonkers!”

Games played:
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.

Just completed this… A very enjoyable and charming little good. A good buy for the DS. The 2nd to final battle really is a bit of a slog though, I don’t dare imagine the amount of time I spent on it!

Now I’ve got to turn my attention to Phoenix Wright, Metriod, Tetris and Brain Training… Not to mention Dragon Quest.

Oh dear… Too many games!

Film Watched:

I was slightly miffed that the Mallard (local cinema) decided not to show this. They seem to be avoiding all the promising looking horrors of late (including The Hills Have Eyes and Silent Hill – still want to see it, I know), so I imported this on Region 1.

I have to say that this is without a doubt one of the goriest films I have ever seen. I winced on at least two occasions. For those that have seen this film, I’m talking about the “eye” moment and the “feel free to leave” moment… If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean!

All the same, it wasn’t a complete and utter splatter-fest, there was also a decent story along with it, together with characters that you felt for. If I was to pick a hole in the film, however, I do wonder how the two characters “escaping” near the end of the film, possibly managed to run around so eagerly with such vicious wounds… But hey, this is all make believe… right?

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Sameranda said...

Oooh I love a good gory film I might have to see that.