Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Beatles, TV, Games and "no, it's poo"

Okay, got a few more Beatles CD’s through the post over the last few days (been using Ebay a tad). These are:

Magical Mystery Tour
Past Masters vol. 1
Past Masters vol. 2
Anthology 1
Anthology 2
Anthology 3

As I already had the “1” album, I already had most of the singles which are on the Past Masters albums, but it was still worthwhile getting these for the B sides and the rare singles. The anthology album, are fantastic. Again, most of the tracks I already have on other albums, but it’s interesting to listen to the demo’s, alternative takes and the general progress of each song into it’s completed form.

Got the 2 episodes of Lost to watch tonight – definitely looking forward to it. Also, Battlestar Galactica just seems to be getting better and better. I’m really quite spoiled for great TV shows at the moment!

Told Elliot that the new Nintendo console was called “Wii” the other day. He just sniggered and said “no, it’s called poo”. Even Elliot immediately things of urine… but then again he is currently being potty trained!

If anything, Wii is growing on me a little :-

Oh, I've just caught the trailer online for Superman. Previously I've been a little lukewarm in anticipation for this.... Now, consider me excited:

Is it a bird... Is it a plane? No, It's the trailer dummy!

Games played:
Phoenix Wright
I’ve just spent ages trying to type my opening statement for this game… What to say really?

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to stand up in court and shout “objection” then this is the game for you. It’s a mix of old text adventures of days gone by and something completely different, a lawyer sim.

The sense of satisfaction when a case starts to go your way really is great… Although I suspect this game may not last too long, it is certainly very different and memorable.

I downloaded this the other day from the Japanese PSP site.

It really is quite bizarre, there really is no other word for it! A strange mix of Sonic, Pikmin and Kirby. The fact that I can’t understand a word of Japanese also adds to the confusion a tad. However, this is without a doubt the most original game to come to the PSP since it’s launch and it currently the only game on the PSP horizon that I’m looking forward to!

Brain Training
Got this the other day… It has proven to me something that I have known for some time now… My wife is far smarter than I am. My initial Brain Age… 76 (very bad), hers 35 (pretty good).

I can see why this has done so well in Japan, the incentive to “play” each day to better yourself is very addictive. Also the fact that it keeps a record (in graph form) of my (and my wife’s) performance in the game is also a great idea.

Occasionally the voice recognition isn’t perfect. You have to say a colour in a calm tone for it to work – quite hard when you’re frantically trying to get as many answer right as possible. Also the text recognition slips up occasionally (it doesn’t like the way that I write 5’s and Roz writes 9’s), but then again, this could be seen as a bonus, as it makes us write correctly!

Overall, another great little distraction on the DS.

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