Saturday, April 01, 2006

E3 predictions and pleasant surprise

Well now that the GDC is over an done with it a little over a month until the big event of the gaming calendar – namely E3.

As such, I thought I’d jot down a few of my predictions for this coming E3, focusing on both Sony and Nintendo (as I have very little interest in the X-Box 360).



I think that this will be the time that Sony will choose to reveal the PS3 controller. The initial “boomerang” controller for the PS3 went down like a lead balloon and I have to admit that it looks less than comfortable. Just about everyone is pretty satisfied with the existing dual shock controller and as such, I think that the PS3 controller will likely look like a slightly modified wireless version of this.

There is also the fact that as Sony have delayed showing their controller even later than Nintendo that they have likely been watching the reaction with envy. As such I think it’s likely that the PS3 controller will also offer something a little extra, but likely not push the boundaries as much as Nintendo. I’d imagine something that uses gyroscopic technology is possible, or alternatively something that incorporates eyetoy is also very possible.


Metal Gear Sold 4
- likely a new trailer a more details re this

Tekken 6
- This has been hinted at previously, but further details may be announced

Resident Evil 4
- Again a teaser has been show previously, hopefully some in game footage will be available.

Final Fantasy XIII
- Yes I know that XII has only just come out for the PS2 in Japan and likely won’t reach the UK until next year, but I suspect a teaser will be shown for this, together with confirmation of this being exclusive to the PS3.

FinalFantasy VII – Remake
- I know that SquareEnix have said that this isn’t on the cards, but they must realise that they could make a mint on this and the production costs must be less than producing a brand new Final Fantasy game.

Looking at the above, it’s an awful lot of sequels!



Nintendo have said that there a few more surprises in store for the Revolution and they have still not reveal the final name (although I think they’d be daft to change it from Revolution). I think that any hardware surprise that come to light will likely be minor points, just a few bells and whistles to add to the Revolution capabilities.

The real test of the pudding will come when some of the software is shown for the Revolution. Hopefully this will demonstrate that even without HD support that the Revolution is still a very capable machine. I just hope that progressive scan support is standard for all territories on all software this time round.

Of course the Revolution will also finally appear in playable form and it will be good to hear the feedback from the lucky people who first get to have a go.


Wario Wares : Revolution
- I can’t think of a better game to demonstrate how the controller can be used.

Smash Brothers : Revolution
- It’s already been announced that this is in development. I doubt this will be a launch game, and will likely be early in development.

Mario 128 (or whatever it’s called)
- Nintendo must have realised that launching the Gamecube without a Mario game was a bad idea. I don’t think that they’re likely to make the same mistake twice.

Pilot Wings : Revolution.
- Again, I think this would ideally suit the controller.

New Nintendo game
- A brand new franchise that will suit the controller. Possibly Nintendo’s entry into the first person perspective market.

Metroid Prime 3
- Again this has already been announced, but I think that it’ll likely be playable.

Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess
- There will either be a Revolution version in addition to the Gamecube version, or more likely the Gamecube version will utilise the Revolutions controller.

Super Monkey Ball 3
- Please Sega please… The best launch game for the Gamecube would compliment the Revolution no end!

Damn… If only I could suddenly be employed as a gaming journalist and get whisked away to LA for E3!

When I left work today I was surprised to see Roz waiting for me outside. She had finished all she needed to do in the afternoon and had walked all the way into town just to meet me. It was a lovely surprise and a great way to start my weekend.

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