Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wii and wee?

Nintendo have just announced the name of their next generation console, previously code named Revolution. I had predicted (even hoped) that they would stick with Revolution, but no, that was just a code name...

The name is...

Drum roll........................


Let me repeat that.

Wii. As in Wee, or wee wee if you must.

Wii. Yep Wii. Really, honestly. Wii. No joke, April Fools day was weeks ago,



WTF? (excuse my language).

Yep - here's the logo alright.

Well... Nobody was expecting that. I know that Nintendo admire ipod, but just adding two ii's too a name is just taking th piss (pun intended).

As shock and horrified as I was, you just have to read the forums, they really have put a smile on my face... The reaction is really quite something! It's certainly got people talking, if nothing else!

Take a look: Here

Really, can you imagine walkiing into a shop and asking for a Wii? Really?

I suspect that this is worse in the UK, where "wee" is more associated to "wee wee", maybe it doesn't have the same meaning in the US or Japan???? Didn't anyone think to check with Nintendo UK first?

Maybe they'll use this for their adverising campaign???? You really should watch this...



Hmm... Still want a wii though :)

Talking of wee. We (too many we's!!!!!) have been potty training Elliot the last few days. The first couple of day have been disasterous, however, the last few have shown some progress. Trust me, potty training is no laughing matter.

You try cleaning up a puddle of wii (sorry wee) from the floor!


Mark said... have to laugh! The Revolution is dead......long may it reign wii! (sorry, but you've got to laugh)

Bazlurgan said...

Well if you didn't laugh - you'd cry!

steve said...

My personal favorite is "Urine the game with Wii"

A bonkers decision, I can't believe this is the best they could come up with. Presumably other options were a DS-style abbreviation of Nintendo Wacky Controller ie the Nintendo WC.