Friday, December 02, 2005

Life and games

Thought I’d add another blog entry…

Been feeling a tad down lately. I think this is largely to do with the fact that it is now less than a week until we own an additional property and our first attempt to get a tenant failed. The next plan was to distribute leaflets on parked cars to see if we get any interest (after all this is cheaper than advertising in the Press again). If we have no success after that, we’ll just have to try and advertise again.

It really is a very daunting and quite frightening prospect. I’m sure that it was the right decision to make in the long run, it’s just that the next few years are going to be a lot harder financially and there’s always a dependence on tenants.

Another irritating thing is that the damn mouse made yet another appearance the other day. Roz is yet to see it and I’m starting to think that she thinks I’m imagining it… Must take a look on the internet to see how long these critters live… Certainly at the moment, poison, humane traps and violent traps, seem to have had no effect. Maybe old age is the only thing that’ll catch it in the end!

I enjoyed Lost the other night. At last they got around to telling Hurley’s back story, and it was a good one. Also Mira Fulan (from B5) made another appearance. Maybe all the odd occurrences on the Island could be attributed to Mimbari testing mankind? It’s always a possibility!

Happened to notice that have added a couple of new “Bunny” shorts, namely a Rocky Horror animation and also a War of the Worlds animation. Both very funny, although the Exorcist is still probably my favourite. They can all be found here:

Games played:
I think I’m nearing the end of this game... Although to be fair there are still a lot of sub missions and other things to do that I’m yet to try.

Certainly the final boss fight is extremely tough, I tried several times before with no success. Thought I’d leave it and try again soon.

GTA: Liberty City Stories
Onto the 3rd and final island in the game, although have only completed 33% of he game so far. Out of all the GTA games, the best I’ve ever managed is to complete 70% of the game (San Andreas).

Still have a little way to go, and still enjoying the game.

Beyond Good and Evil
Borrowed this off Steven the other evening. I brought it for Christmas for him a couple of years back, but never had the chance to play it myself.

The graphics really are spectacular and the game plays similar to Zelda. So far I’ve been very impressed. It’s such a shame that it didn’t sell well. I know that the team that produced it hoped to do a sequel, but this is unlikely.

I know that the same team also worked on the King Kong game which I’m hoping to get for Christmas. Hope that this is equally good.

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