Monday, December 26, 2005

Mario Online.... NOOOO!

Just a quick rant.....

Nintendo, you promised me quick and easy Wi-Fi access.

why then can't I seem to spot my Netgear DG834G using the DS. Why am I prevented from playing Mario Kart online.... Why.... Why.... SOB :(

I have tried unsuccessful to manually set this up, and I'm currently looking online for help (with no success so far).

My PSP works fine online - why then does my router snub my happy go lucky DS?

Getting a little annoyed right now, so will probably stop for the night.

I guess I could always buy one of the Nintendo USB Wi-fi connectors, but not sure if these will work if you already have a router and not just your bog standard modem.

Is someone out there trying to prevent me from showing my Mario Kart Superiority to the world?



Steve said...

Try upgrading the firmware on the router, I've seen some reports on the net that there are bugs with the firmware on that router which have caused the DS not to connect to it.

You'll have to see if you've got the v1 or v2 router by looking at the label on the bottom (will say v1 or v2 at the end of the model number), then download the latest firmware from for v1 or for v2. The web interface to the router should have a firmware upload feature.

Bazlurgan said...

I actually managed to crack this just yesterday - doing just that. Although the firmware upgrade that I required wasn't on the web interface (this wasn't that up to date), instead I found this on the Netgear website.

My experience on Mario Kart so far???? Erm.... need a little more practice!

Steve said...

Cool, glad to hear that. I'm also glad I'm not the only one who finds the competition a little hardcore!