Saturday, December 03, 2005

Weather, potty problems and The Frighteners

First of all… Managed to trap my finger in one of those damn mouse traps last night – boy has it been hurting today.

Secondly, today we had our first attempt at potty training for Elliot. Although we had a couple of successes, on a whole it was a very deflating experience. I felt at my lowest for some weeks and like an utter failure. For non-parents this will probably sound very sad, but trust me, it’s not. I had one of my “why on earth would anyone want to have children” moments.

Anyway, feeling a little better now. Chocolate and Southern Comfort are helping no end!

On Friday afternoon I had intended to distribute leaflets on parked cars advertising our future flat, At fist the weather was awful, then it seems to brighten up. I drove down to one of the “target” car parks, only for it to pour down with rain once again. I had really hoped to get some of the adverts out by the end of the week, but this was not the case. It seems like even the elements are working against me… Oh well, I will cross my fingers for next week.

Films watched:
The Frighteners
As the weather was terrible Friday afternoon I watched this film instead.

This is Peter Jacksons film prior to making The Lord of the Rings. It was this film, together with Heavenly Creatures which gave me confidence that he would make a cracking trilogy out of the Lord of the Rings films, and guess what, I was right.

This mixes comedy and horror well, a rare thing indeed for a film. I can only think of a few other films that have managed this, namely House and the Scream films. This is also probably the last great performance by Micheal J Fox before illness impaired his acting.

A great film to watch for anyone who missed it the first time round. I know that this is due to be re-released as a deluxe DVD, although I’m not certain how this differs from the original release that I have.



Sameranda said...

I haven't seen the Frighteners but Heavenly Creatures is one of my favourite films. I take it that you are going to be queueing up to see Kong? I'm tempted to see it here but the Mallard is such a joke isn't it!

Nice blog by the way, I don't really appreciate all the gaming stuff but film reviews I like. I'm tempted to watch the Frighteners now.

Good luck catching the mouse, I think the finger injury might be something to do with karma though!

Bazlurgan said...


Thanks for popping by my blog.

Yeah I enjoyed Heavenly Creatures as well, a great performance by a very young Kate Winslet. I agree about the Mallard completely, I just hope and pray that we eventual get another cinema in the Admiral Park complex. Hoping to see Kong next weekend!

Always good to hear from another Guernsey Blogger BTW, and there was me thinking I was the only one with an "active" Guernsey Blog on Blogger :)