Saturday, November 26, 2005

Rob and Rose

Okay first of all, a few introductions…. Meet Bob, my pet roboraptor gifted to me by Roz and my parents in law.

Rather gimmicky I know, but still great fun to play about with :)

Elliot on the other hand, doesn’t seem quite so taken by him.

Been looking after Elliot this weekend whilst Roz is shopping in Southampton. This has largely been nice and Elliot has been overall a very good boy. However, last night it seemed as if he was coming down with a cold and as such woke up 10-12 times in the night. The funny thing is he has seemed fine most of today – will have to see how he is tonight (fingers crossed).

Films watched:
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
An interesting film which avoids the obvious pitfall of retreading the exorcist and instead opts for a largely court based affair.

It’s a shame that it felt necessary to use so many CGI effect at certain parts of the film. The thing about CGI is that it doesn’t look real, therefore negating any scare factor. Other scares in the movie, namely the strange and slightly disturbing body contortion, were a lot more effective.


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