Saturday, December 10, 2005

Flat TV (he he - sorry bad pun)

Thursday morning ran smoothly at court and we now own a flat in addition to the maisonette. It was a tad strange walking around the flat last night, looking at what needed to be painted, repaired or altered etc. It also felt quite nice knowing that we owned the whole of the building now and that there is so much scope available to us in the future. The frightening bit will come when the first batch of interest is deducted from our account at the beginning of February…

Still no tenant for the flat, but then again we’ve got a little work to do to the flat (largely thanks to my Dad).

Just before going to court we popped into a local electronics store (Gruts), which is currently having a closing down sale. I happened to notice that they had the latest 26” Bravia LCD TV from Sony (KDL V26A12U – snappy title) which I have had my eye on (picture above). They had this for a little under £700.00 when new this would cost approximately £1,000.00 over here. I had planned to wait until the new Philips Aptura set were released before considering buying a new LCD, but as they were not going to be bringing out a 26” model I was a little uncertain what to do. I couldn’t really go any bigger than 26” for a 2nd TV (My main Plasma is 50”), therefore the Sony seemed like a good deal.

I promptly grabbed my Gamecube and used this to test it for Gaming (as this will be it’s primary purpose). The result, very similar to my current 21” no widescreen Sony LCD, but with a higher response rate and HDMI input. Not a quantum leap by any means, but just what I need in preparation for next generation gaming. So I splashed out and brought it (I had after all budgeted for approximately £1.500.00 for a new LCD). I should imagine that I should be able to sell my old LCD for around £350.00 or more, so a cost of £350.00 for an upgrade seemed more than reasonable to me.

Just need to get it setup just the way I like it, which I think after this evening, I seem to have cracked.

Spent some of the evening trying out a few of my older games on the TV, to see how they look. Soul Calibur 2 in 480p looks fantastic.

I have a few friends who either have an X-Box 360, or are due to receive one shortly. I’ve got no intention of buying am X-Box 360, preferring instead to wait for the Revolution and PS3, but all the same, It feels like I’m missing out on the first round of next-generation gaming. The annoying thing is that I think it may be some time now until I get to see either the Revolution or PS3, I’d guess Christmas next year, but it could even be later than that.

(Short) Film Watched:
Last Order : Final Fantasy VII
This is an anime short that was a bonus with Advent Children.

For some reason Anime doesn’t seem to suit the Final Fantasy story as well as CGI. This is probably because it originated in CGI and seeing an anime cersion just sems plain odd.

The short film filled in a few gaps prior to Final Fantasy VII, but was a little too short, with very little story. Certainly not a patch on Advent Children, which I would rank very highly.


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steve said...

MORE televisions? :o I think you must buy at least 4 TVs to every one that I buy ;) I don't really like LCD TVs very much, although some of the newer ones look better and I know Sony knows a thing or two about making decent ones (I wouldn't give up my Sony laptop screen at any price).

Glad to hear you're feeling more upbeat about the flat - I reckon it's a sound move even if in the short term it's a pain in the arse. In fact, in my experience most things that are stressful and difficult in the short term are usually good things in the end. :)

Don't worry about being left behind with the 360, for the first year they're all going to be playing tarted up re-runs of everything they already bought for the original XBox anyway. Suckers ;)