Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy pills and boiler

Well, I went to the doctor again today as my face continues to give me pain and discomfort, also in addition I have been rather depressed of late, as well as grumpy. I have also been trying to mask the facial pain lately with either parecematmol or Southern Comfort – which isn’t an ideal situation.

Anyway, the doctor has upped my current prescription to help with the pain and also prescribed me with happy pills (anti-depressants). Here’s hoping that these help with the pain and my general demeanour.

Also, our boiler broke down yesterday – which is annoying, especially in light of the fact that it was only serviced a few weeks back. Thankfully we can always pop downstairs to my parents flat if needed, but still the lack of hot water is annoying.

I’m hoping that this is the third breakage (as these things happing in threes), after my DS and PS3

BTW – have a new PS3 now…

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