Monday, April 06, 2009

Chocolate, Quantum and BSG

Films watched:


An alternative Malaysia martial arts movie with an autistic protagonist. Rather entertaining if ultimately a one trick pony.


Quantum of Solace

An adrenalin filled and wholly unnecessary final act (strung out to a whole films length) to Casino Royale. Oh dear.


I managed to catch the final episode of BSG the other day. Overall I thought it was okay, not great, just okay. The whole “higher power” aspect of the storyline, namely the god or gods guiding the characters grated with me somewhat. Another thing that really annoyed was the fact that previously the crew and remaining humans aboard other vessels would revolt at the drop of the hat, but for some reason they all seemed perfectly happy to be separated, stripped of all their possessions and plunked in the middle of nowhere on a new and strange planet to fend for themselves without complaining once.

Anyway, it was okay I guess, just not a classic ending in line with the likes of Star Trek: The next Generation, Babylon 5 and Twin Peaks.

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