Sunday, April 12, 2009

Clone Wars, Instinct 2 & DSi keyboard ?!?

Films watched:

Star Wars : The Clone Wars

Irritating nick names and zero plot aside, this was really, pretty, meh! Elliot enjoyed it!


Basic Instinct 2

The first film was really bad. This was really, REALY bad (and not in a funny way - as I'd hoped)


Okay, top marks must go to Dover, from Monday Night Crew who found and unique way to utilise the DSi photo channel to compose piano tunes! What an absolute find! Also, great choice for test tunes :)


Sinbad said...

So he's turned the DSi into a £150 Stylophone?


Bazlurgan said...

Yep.... but isn't that GrEaT! :)

Fantatic video BTW...