Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashing Red Light of Death (FRLOD)

So, this afternoon I was happy watching Dark City on Blu-ray whilst Elliot was out to a party when my Ps3 mysteriously turned itself off without any warning.

When I tried to turn it on… I just got a flashing red light.

I phoned up Sony and my worst concerns were realised. My PS3 is buggered. It would seem that this flashing red light is similar to the 360 RROD, but less publicised (i.e. likely less common). Either way, no PS3 for me at the moment :(


Sinbad said...

Gah, sorry to hear that! I'd only heard of the Yellow Light of Death on PS3, FLROD is new to me.

Hope you get it fixed soon! Is it still in warranty?

Bazlurgan said...

no it is 1 year over the warranty, so no luck. btw reply done on my DS ;)