Friday, March 20, 2009

Lust and Lightening

Film watched:

Lust Caution

A beautifully delicate Japanese / Chinese WWII espionage thriller from Ang Lee. Similar to Black Book , but even more horribly depressing.


I’m nearing the end of the single player campaign of Killzone 2 and have just managed to obtain (for a short time) the lightening gun. This is officially the coolest weapon from any FPS game so far, although the bolt gun in Killzone 2 is also great. I love the way you reload by drawing in the lightening from the atmosphere.


Sinbad said...

"Lightning" not "lightening"!

[end spelling nazi mode]

They basically copied this idea from Quake 3/4(lightning gun) & Castle Wolfenstein (Tesla gun). The reload idea is nice though - although presumably they don't allow it in multiplayer.

I still think the gravity gun is the cleverest weapon in a game. There's something great about killing an enemy with a high-velocity TV.

Bazlurgan said...


(Checks Word spellchecker…)

Lightening + lightning… both seem okay.

(Checks Wiktionary)

Damn, you’re right.

I guess I need a nazi spellchecker… Or your nazi like editing… Either that, or I just don’t give a sh*t about such small little errors (unlike you it seems).

I haven’t played either Quake 3/4 or Castle Wolfenstein, so I can’t comment. However, it is damn cool in Killzone 2. I do agree, however, that the gravity gun in Half Life 2 is probably equally good (and also the portal gun come to think of it).

Sinbad said...

Yeah, sorry - I'm oversensitive to grammar / spelling errors for some reason. And don't get me started on txtng. Gah.

I keep forgetting you missed a lot of PC FPSs! It's why I find it hard to get excited about the latest CoD games, I've played too many games like that already, even if it's the first outing on consoles.

And yeah, the portal gun rocks for not being a gun!