Thursday, March 05, 2009

Games, Degeneration and Earthsea

Okay now, it’s about time that I ran through the games that I have been playing recently, so:

Games played:
Noby Noby Boy
It’s odd… very odd even!
Basically you play Boy, who needs to stretch and report his length to Girl, who seems to feed off this length and grow to other planets. Other than this, it’s a case of just experimenting and trying new and different things. The community aspect of this is very good, in that everyone who plays the game contributes to Girls length, but really it is just a pretty bonkers experimental game at heart and that is by no means bad… just different.

This is without a doubt the most outstanding game I have played on the PSN.
It is a relaxing, and gloriously beautiful game, which was best described by the developers as a moving poem. It also, rather surprisingly, tells a simple yet topical story, without words characters, plot or dialogue.
This (and to some degree Noby Noby Boy) is the reason why the PSN (and also Wiiware and Xbox Live Arcade) is
A fantastic game that really should not be missed by anyone who has a PS3.

Fallout 3
I’m actually nearing the conclusion of this game, although I’d reached the level cap some time ago.
Another fantastic game. I was a little uncertain at first with the mix if FPS and VATS mode, but I you stick at it, the game really does draw you in. I love the freedom that this game gives you and also the morale choices (which are the best I’ve come across in a game). Overall it has to be the best game I have played for some time and would highly recommend it to anyone (you can after all tailor your character to your tastes). It’s just such a damn shame that the DLC is currently exclusive to the 360….grrrr… spit…

I have also recently purchased Killzone 2, but I will leave my comments until I have had more time with the game. What I have played so far is very good though.

Films watched:
Tales from Earthsea

An odd mix of Western fantasy and Japanese Anime that never quite gels. Certainly no Spirited Away!


Resident Evil: Degeneration

A welcome return for Claire and Leon. Better adaptation than the conventional films, but not a better film for it.



Sinbad said...

It makes me laugh when you get pissed off at things that are exclusive to 360, while in the same breath lauding things that are PS3 exclusive :D

All exclusivity sucks. It's one reason why the console industry is very dumb and self-limiting in many respects. I could go on about content being king and pointing at how music, films, books don't need a particular device to play them on, but no-one listens.

Bazlurgan said...

Woah there... when have I EVER lauded things that are PS3 exclusive? I think exclusive game and especially DLC is really dumb, be it for the PS3, 360 or Wii. I accept that in some instances it is inevitable (i.e. where the developer is owned or partially owned by Sony, Microsoft of Nintendo), but where an exclusive is purely down to money changing hands I'm 100% anti-this.