Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fahrenheit & [Rec]

Films watched:

Fahrenheit 9/11

Interesting and enlightening documentary (if slightly biased) covering the Bush administrations reaction to 9/11.



Absolutely fantastic Spanish low budget Blair Witch a-like Zombie thriller. 10x better than Diary of the Dead. Very highly recommended.


It occurs to me that Spain is rapidly becoming the new horror king (possibly dethroning both Japan and Korea), with the likes on this, Pan's Labyrinth (not a true horror I know) and The Orphanage (best film of 2008 TM). Either way, once again, foreign cinema kicks dirt on the face of anything that Hollywood can produce!

Incidentally, [Rec] has ALREADY been remade as an English language American film, namely Quarantine, which has not been reviewed as well as [Rec]. Can't Hollywood leave things alone? I'm dreading the Oldboy remake which has been preposed, even if Spielberg is involved.

Anyway, here's hoping that [Rec]2 which is due out later this year is equally as good.


ASpanishGuy said...

Watch "Los cronocrimenes", a Hollywood remake is going to be made.
I think that it's one of the best SciFi out there with zero special effects. His director was nomitated to an Oscar sometime ago for a short film.

Bazlurgan said...

According to my good friend IMDb it looks like this has been renamed Timecrimes in the UK (not a great name in my opinion).

Anyway, thanks for the recommendation. I shall seek this out and post my thoughts idc.