Monday, March 30, 2009

Bruce, SD and noisy consoles.

Film watched:

My Name is Bruce

I like Bruce Campbell, but boy do I hope that he never tries to direct again. Absolutely appalling.


Last week Iwata announced the 4.0 update for the Wii. This new update features twenty screens with twelve channels each accessible from SD cards, and also will support SDHC. Wiishop channel can also now download directly onto an HD card if you choose, and you can launch the same content directly off the same card.

I tried this out last week by moving some of my game onto a SD card and running them from there. The load times are not instantaneous, but maybe take around 10-15 seconds and is just as quick as loading the equivalent on the PS3. So overall, this is a fantastic update to the Wii. I’ve resisted buying anymore Wiiware titles or virtual console titles just because of the memory restrictions. What titles I already have already take up too much room and the thought of having to constantly copy and delete titles was just a pain in the neck. As such, I may have to treat myself to Final Fantasy: My Life as a King and maybe a few Art Style games, in addition Bit. Trip Beat also looks pretty fantastic.

One complaint often levelled again the 360 is that it is a very noisy machine, namely that the cooling fan can be quite noisy and distracting whilst playing games etc. I’m going to go on record by saying that this phenomenon is not exclusive to the 360. I recently had a little reorganise at home and as such, I placed my PS3 laying horizontally in a very well ventilated cabinet rather than outside a cabinet standing up as it had been previously. Whilst watching a DVD on the PS3 last night the fans not only kicked in, but went into severe overdrive and quite honestly sounded like a miniature airplane just about to take off and was obviously, a bit of a distraction. As such, I’ll just have to remove my PS3 from the cabinet.

Anyway I just wanted to state that the PS3 is not necessarily the quiet console that some make it out to be (well at least mine isn’t).

Edit: I have just read that for some reason the PS3 is noisiest when upscaling DVD's.


Sinbad said...

I'd heard that the DVD drive is noisier on PS3 by a tiny amount (although my 360's seems quite noisy in the rare cases it's going full-tilt). I didn't realise the fans could be that noisy too when stressed.

The 360 though has 2 modes - noisy and *really* noisy. :) It's never quiet, which at least the PS3 can be a lot of the time! It doesn't actually bother me very much though, perhaps because I'm used to an equally noisy PC. When the sound in a game is on, the whirring get's pretty much drowned out (but then, mine is inside a wooden cabinet which might be a sound-absorbing factor).

Bazlurgan said...

Yeah the PS3 fans go from (near) silent, to slightly noisy, to very noisy.

I had a little listen to your 360 last night and the PS3 “very noisy” sounded at a similar level to how yours was running whilst playing Rock Band (with Rock Band, naturally, drowning it out a lot). Unfortunately whilst the PS3 was at the “very noisy” level when I was using it the other night I was trying to watch a DVD with the volume relatively low, so as to not wake up Elliot, and in that instance it was annoying.

I can’t actually say that I’ve heard much sound at all from the PS3 drive itself!

Anyway, have now removed the PS3 from the cabinet again, so hopefully this should help.