Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oscar predictions 2009

Only 5 more days to go...

Well here are my predictions for this year.

Best Picture
Slumdog Millionaire

Best Director
Danny Boyle - Slumdog Millionaire

Best Actor
Mickey Rourke - The Wrestler
I believe that this will be between either Sean Penn or Mickey Rourke (although I believe that Frank Langella is probably most deserving). Sean Penn would be the “safe” choice, but I’m going to say Mickey Rourke

Best Actress
Kate Winslet - The Reader

Best Supporting Actress
Penelope Cruz – Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Best Supporting Actor
Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight
I would be very VERY surprised if this award went to anyone other. Really, if there is any dead cert this year, then it is this. It is also, very well deserved.

Best Foreign Language Film
I can’t comment, as the foreign language films I would like to see included, haven’t been nominated this year.

Best Animated Feature Film
There is an outside chance that Kung Fu Panda may stand a chance, but in all honesty this belongs to Wall-E

Best Adapted Screenplay
Slumdog Millionaire

Best Original Screenplay
I’m really sticking my neck out on this one, but I’d love to see Wall-E nab this.

Best Original Score
Slumdog Millionaire

Best Original Song
Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire
I believe that this will go to either Jai Ho or O Saya from Slumdog Millionaire. Jai Ho is the funkier of the two, so I’ll place my bets on this.

Art Direction
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Dark Knight
It’s very possible that Slumdog will also get this, but the memory of the staggering IMAX shot scenes on The Dark Knight are burned into my mind, and for that reason alone, I think that The Dark Knight may steal this.

Costume Design
The Duchess
Period film = almost immediate win.

Best Documentary Feature
Man on Wire

Best Documentary Short Subject
Cannot comment

Film Editing
Slumdog Millionaire

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Best Live Action Short Film
Cannot comment

Best Animated Short Film

Sound Editing
The Dark Knight

Sound Mixing
The Dark Knight

Visual Effects
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Sinbad said...

Finally got around to watching the Dark Knight, and while it was very good, I can't help but think it was a bit overhyped. Overall, I preferred Batman Begins, partly because I like origin stories and BB did this very well, and partly because I thought Ra's Al Ghul was a more interesting villain. Heath Ledger makes an excellent Joker no doubt, but at the end of the day he's a wacky psychopath without a great deal of substance beyond the (convincing) craziness. But then I don't have the same attachment to the Joker from the comics that you have.

I also thought the Two Face arc was a bit short & extreme. I didn't really find the way they did his massive swing from ultra-nice-guy to nutter-that-kills-children very believeable.

Overall a very good film, but I was expecting a little more, maybe it was built up a bit much.

Corrina said...

FINALLY someone who agrees that Langella deserves the best actor award.... though we all know it will probably be Rourke... sigh

Bazlurgan said...

@ Sinbad - Yeah hype can be a bad things sometimes!

The great thing about the Joker is that they DIDN'T give him an origin story and instead left thing hanging, instead portraying him as chaos personified.

I can agree with your point re two face - It's a shame they didn't leave this portion until the next film and explored it more over a greater degree of time.

Have you seen Ironman yet BTW? Just be interested to know what you thought of that.

@ Corrina - Yes, most definately, Langella derserves the award, it was a fantastic performance. I don't think that Rourke is a sure bet to win though, Penn also stands a great chance.

Sinbad said...

Yeah, I saw Iron Man on the plane back from the US - so not the optimal conditions by any means but I actually really liked it. It was the opposite situation to the Dark Knight, in that I wasn't expecting much but it turned out to be very entertaining. I also watched Jumper on the same flight and althoguh it wasn't as good as Iron Man, I still thought it was a fun film with an interesting premise.