Thursday, February 12, 2009

Omega Man and stiff neck

Film watched:

The Omega Man

Definitely not I am Legend, but still vaguely entertaining. Actually includes some relevant themes that the latest adaption skips.


I’ve been feeling a tad run down over the last few days. It probably started a little on Monday, when I started to suffer with a stiff and painful neck, but it then got really bad on Tuesday when it was accompanied by a really bad headache, earache and also really sensitive teeth. Since then I have continued to feel run down and, to use a technical term, very “bleurgh”.

I’m thinking that this is all connected to my neck, as the pain seems most associated to the left hand side of my neck/head, namely my earache and sensitive teeth are also on the left hand side. Also, the pain seems to come and go, but my neck always feels as stiff as a board.

I’ve tried shifting my desk around at work to help with my posture, to see if this helps and have also been wary of how I sit, walk etc., but generally have not been feeling the happiest. If it continues I’ll likely go to the doctor again, but when I have suffered with neck problems in the past, I have not been convinced that anything the doctor or physiotherapist has done have contributed greatly to its improvement, previously it just seems to have gotten better over time.
Anyhow… Just thought I’d include an artist rendition of how my neck currently feels (courtesy of Fallout 3):

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Sinbad said...

Bummer. My experience is that it's less about the specific ergonomics of the fixed workstation setup (although that's still a minor factor) and much more about not remaining too long in one position. I have to limit myself to around a max of an hour in any one position because it makes my back much worse. This applies to recreational time too, so sitting in one position on the sofa all evening for example is definitely out. I actually find (console) gaming is pretty bad for this, if I'm not careful I find myself going way too rigid so I have to try to remember to take breaks, or switch to playing standing up for a while, move positions so I'm not looking at the TV from the same angle all the time, etc.